September is so soon…………….

I can’t believe it is already August 27!  Just like July, August seemed to fly right by and September is just days away.  As promised we are continuing to make strides towards our new service offerings and have set a launch date of September 15! 

My studies with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition this year have brought with them a new awareness and a desire to continue down this amazing road of health, wellness and self-actualization.  As I told you all in last months BLOG I will be adding Health Coaching to my menu.  Rates and plans will be launched on September 15.

In order get my Health Coaching up and running I am looking for your help!  I am currently looking for people who are interested in a participating in a free Health History.  As a part of this you will fill out a brief questionnaire; we will spend about 50 minutes together going over it and your goals towards your own health and wellness.  There is no obligation here, it is actually a part of my graduation requirement with IIN.  Those who have done it with me so far are amazed out just how much you can get out of putting down on paper!  E-mail  if you are interested!

We will also be introducing new meal plan offerings that include monthly rates and personalized menus.  Not into fully prepared meals?  How about Easy Prep Crock Pot Meals – all you have to do is put in the pot and let it cook away while you are at work…..your house will smell amazing and you get a fantastic meal – YEP – it’s on the way to you!

But before September 15 can get here I am currently spending a couple of days in South & North Carolina visiting family and friends and then leaving again on September 8 for four days of adventure (including skydiving) in upstate New York!  I can’t wait to share my adventures with all of you.  Thank you all for your continued support of locally owned and operated businesses.

Until next time, HAPPY EATING!




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