Blogging again!

One year ago, June 25, to be exact I settled on my new building in beautiful Downtown Westminster, Maryland.  The building located at 2 Washington was the former home of Bill’s Seafood had been pretty much untouched since 2015.  Needless to say the space needed some work!  

What is now one building was two when I started.  A narrow alley way separated the two buildings.  That separation had deterred several before me but I saw it as opportunity.  I decided to make the two buildings into one.  Everyone, including my contractor and husband thought I was crazy but I had a vision.  In the end it all came together but it was not without a lot and I mean a lot of work!  The now home of The Food Chick has 100% brand new plumbing which includes a 17 foot pipe three feet deep into the ground (I’m not kidding) – that alone took nearly 10 days to complete.  Also brand new are the electric and HVAC.  As with most renovations my six week timeline quickly turned into 16 weeks…..argh.  It was frustrating at times but I also learned lots of lessons along the way and I now know far more about structural issues,  plumbing, electrical and HVAC than I ever thought I would know!  I was blessed to work with some wonderful contractors and would be more than happy to share their names with you should you need work done.

Finally, in October the job was completed just in time for me to cater a wedding that had been on my books for a year. Literally, three days before I began prep work for one of my favorite people.  A Mexican themed gluten free wedding that will long be remembered!

Retail sales began in November and continue today, albeit with limited hours, as we are full on into our Farmers’ Market season.  Our catering business continues to grow on a weekly basis and we look forward to further expansion.  Meal Plans are beginning to take off and beginning in August we will be adding additional services to not only meal planning and prep but also a whole body approach to health and wellness.

Be on the lookout towards the end of July for exciting news!


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