For The Love of Food!

My name is Brooke Hagerty and I am The Food Chick. My love of all things food has been growing since my early days in the restaurant business. However, prior to that I remember my mother’s whipped potatoes –  she hand whipped them with a FORK, can you believe it?  My first experience working in the food industry began and ended just as quickly with a very brief stint at a fast food place that shall remain nameless.  From there I worked as a waitress at a  pizza and pasta place.  I was trained by a lovely lady named Jackie who had the multi-talent of being able to take your order and smoke her cigarette at the same time (please remember this was at a time when you could smoke any and everywhere).   From there I gained experience with a few chain restaurants, as both a server and bartender.  I eventually landed a great job at a wonderful bistro in downtown Baltimore and that is where my true love affair with all things food related began.  I was tending bar, waiting tables and constantly watching the magic that came out of the super small kitchen.   I began to experiment in my own kitchen and eventually started my own catering business.

Simply put, I just love  food.  I love the idea that with just a little imagination you can create something new and different each day. Cooking, or playing as I like to call it, has become second nature to me.

I am in my HAPPY PLACE when I am in the kitchen!

The Food Chick is not only your very own Personal Chef…I am also your personal grocery shopper, your kitchen organizer, your party planner…I cook in your home or in my commercial kitchen.