For The Love of Food!

My name is Brooke Hagerty and I would like to personally like to WELCOME you to The Food Chick!             

After operating for four years out of my husband’s restaurant (shameless plug for Bud’s at Silver Run) I am finally in my very own building in beautiful Downtown Westminster, Maryland.                                                  

2 Washington Road has come alive once again and is a vibrant part of the East side of town.

I am looking forward to becoming YOUR favorite caterer and food provider.

Favorite Caterer you ask? YES, my customized menus bring a breath of fresh air to your parties!

Favorite Food Provider you ask? YES, with retail store hours we are the perfect place for Grab and Go meals for singles and families alike. Also available are weekly meal plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And we don’t stop there – we are working diligently to fill the niche for our vegan friends and as such have even dedicated an entire display case just for you. Carnivores, don’t be jealous – you’ve got your own case as well. Both are filled with great food that changes on a weekly basis.

The best part about our meal plans and retail cases is that                                                


PLEASE CALL US AT 410.848.CHICK (2442)

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